Epiware 4.8.3 Released

Epiware is a proven PHP based Open Source Document Management system. With its newly release version 4.8.3, Epiware continues to provide a viable open source alternative to the user and business community.

Epiware combines powerful document management software with an intuitive interface. It is built using the popular LAMP stack, and is a cost effective alternative that enables distributed organizations to manage their documents and resources over the internet.

With features like and check-in check-out, ability to search the content of both Word and PDF documents, calendaring, wiki, and tasking. Epiware provides a powerful and immediate solution for projects that rely on collaboration and digital documents.

Epiware is 100% free and includes source released under a GNU GPL v2 license.

Release 4.8.3 incorporates the following
* Improved WIKI management functions
* More robust security features with token handling
* Better handling for file uploads
* Further improvement for different PHP configurations

It can be downloaded from http://downloads.sourceforge.net/epiware/Epiware_4.8.3.tar.gz

Posted by James Kern 2007-11-09