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Created Updated Priority
140 Bug in rendering of dimensions in inslib edn-struct unread BODARD Gabriel 2015-04-28 4 days ago 5(medium)  
139 Date appearing in h1 on dev site accepted Elli Mylonas BODARD Gabriel 2015-01-29 4 days ago 5(medium)  
138 Bug in Guidelines XLST Rendering of <unclear> accepted Hugh A. Cayless Scott Vanderbilt 2015-01-27 4 days ago 5(medium)  
137 Guidelines schema complains about sch and rng namespaces in EpiDoc ODD accepted Hugh A. Cayless BODARD Gabriel 2015-01-22 4 days ago 8  
129 stylesheets incorrectly handle word break across lines with paragraphos accepted Tom Elliott Tom Elliott 2014-10-22 2015-05-08 5(medium)  
127 whitespace appearing between elements that shouldn't have any accepted Elli Mylonas Elli Mylonas 2014-10-16 4 days ago 5(medium)  
126 README in file release area out of date accepted BODARD Gabriel BODARD Gabriel 2014-08-07 4 days ago 4  
124 EDH style txt- transforms leave spaces around '/' when within word needs-feedback Pietro Maria Liuzzo BODARD Gabriel 2014-06-04 2015-01-13 1(low)  
103 CHETC: period identified as gap deferred Hugh A. Cayless BODARD Gabriel 2007-01-13 2014-05-29 1(low)  
102 CHET-C hyphen after subpunct deferred Hugh A. Cayless BODARD Gabriel 2007-01-13 2014-05-29 1(low)  
99 CHET-C individual-word queries in supplement deferred Tom Elliott Tom Elliott 2006-10-25 2014-05-29 1(low)  
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