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EPESI - web CRM/ERP / News: Recent posts

epesiBIM ver. 1.1.4 released

epesibim ver. 1.1.4-rev.7454 was released on January 4th, 2011
- IE8 support
- ipad support
- calendar fixes
- parent company in crm company recordset
- related companies in crm contact recordset
- ro language updated
- mailto protocol support in epesi with integrated roundcube mail client
- many other fixes

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2011-01-04

epesiBIM ver. 1.1.3 released

epesibim ver. 1.1.3-rev.7318 was released on October 12, 2010
* fixed UTF-8 substr usage in browse of records
* CRM works properly without Meeting module installed
* tickets update from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 fixed
* QuickForm updated to 3.2.11
* RoundCube mail field in account setup
* check SSL availability in Roundcube account setup
* mobile - minor fixes
* notes aggregator view
* other fixes...
Now available in 7 languages: English (en), Polish (pl), German (de), Swedish (sv), Dutch (nl), Lithuanian (lt) and Romanian (ro - partial).

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2010-10-13

epesibim PHP CRM ver. 1.1.0 released

epesibim ver. 1.1.0-rev.7033 changes:
- Roundcube mail client addressbook fully integrated with epesi
- new Lithuaninan translation
- support for multiple processing callbacks
- bug fixes

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2010-06-30

epesi version 1.0.9 released

This version: epesi-1.0.9-rev6878 includes:
- RoundCube mail client as default one
- new calendar engine
- contact photo
- Romanian translation
- added zones for Romania, Austria...
- new projects ticketing engine
- many bug fixes and enhancements

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2010-05-26

epesiBIM new version released

epesi-1.0.8-rev6336 with several bugfixes, like broken activities tab. Major rewrite of a "combo automultiselect" - you can now assign records to Contacts, Companies or both.

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2010-02-20

over 10,000 downloads

epesi BIM live demo had over 10,000 visitors and was downloaded over 10,000 times from Sourceforge as of December 2009! Thank you!

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2010-01-07

epesiBIM - version 1.0.6 released

Version 1.0.6 of epesi BIM was released on December 28, 2009.


\* session blocking - in mysql with mutexes, in postgresql with two database connections
\* activities sorting fix
\* demo/trial mode
\* Variables bug fix - thx lirit
\* mobile RB edition - first release, probably buggy :\)
Posted by Janusz Tylek 2010-01-07

epesiBIM - version 1.0.5 released

New version includes lithuanian language, Record Browser rewritten to support grid editing, support for very large data sets, our unique Click2Fill form filling, and as always minor bugfixes.

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2009-12-10

Final version of epesi BIM CRM released!

After 3 years of writing this web based CRM we are finally releasing the final version 1.0.0. This new version includes many speed improvements, bug fixes and integrated mail client with support for POP3/IMAP protocols. Over 200,000 lines of code, $2.8 M - yours free to enjoy!

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2009-07-23

epesiBIM license changed to MIT

Effective today epesiBIM CRM and framework is available under the MIT license to maintain compatibility with GPL license.

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2008-12-03

Version RC5 Released

New features:
* improved RB
* data export
* mail client with pop3 support (alpha)
* iphone and mobile devices CRM support
* better PostgreSQL support
* BB code support
* DST calendar fixes
* clock applet fixed in ff3
* bug fixes and many more small improvements...

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2008-11-11

RC4 of epesiBIM CRM

epesiBIM = Business Information Manager. 100% web based CRM: multi-user addressbook, calendar, to do list, notes and file attachments. Bugtracker, full file and records audit trail and more...
This release RC4 contains mainly bugfixes reported by user community.

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2008-10-16

New release of epesiBIM CRM

New release includes Bug Tracker (Projects/Tickets) in addition to CRM modules, huge performance improvements tested with data sets of 250,000 records, rewritten Record Browser, improved applets, new Watchdog module, polish translation, many new features and as always many, many bug fixes.

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2008-09-12

New version of epesiBIM CRM available

epesiBIM is a web based CRM application including Calendar, Companies and Contacts Address Book, To Do List (Tasks), Phone Calls, Notes and Attachments. Based on epesi framework allows rapid development of custom modules. This release includes many bug fixes and productivity improvements (like follow-ups).

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2008-06-09

new version of epesiBIM CRM - RC1

This is a much improved and stable release of our epesi BIM application. Includes CRM modules and the framework. Addressbook, calendar, tasks, phone calls, notes and more. We will appreciate any comments and bug reports.

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2008-04-01

New beta version! epesiBIM (CRM)

Just released new beta of epesi PHP framework for building PHP web applications. Now includes fully functional shared web calendar, contacts directory, notes with attachments, task list and more... CRM functionality in what we call epesiBIM - Business Information Manager

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2008-02-08

New beta

Much improved with new functionality epesi framework. Basic CRM features - companies and contacts addressbook, notes, calendar. New look. Beta - works well in Firefox, a little buggy in IE.

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2007-12-21

Easy installer available

Easy installer for epesi framework makes installation - well ... quick and easy.

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2007-11-06

0.9.0 stable release

Major rewrite of the framework. Prototype in place of saja. New look. Too many changes to list. See demo at: http://www.epesi.org/demo/

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2007-11-01

Coding competition winners

We are proud to announce the following winners of our coding competition:

* Grand Prize - $1,000 USD - Erick H. Siegfrid for "siKomo" e-commerce module
* Second Prize - $500 USD - Adrian Pacala for "cartesi" e-commerce module
* Third Prize - $300 USD - Artur Kotyrba for integration of Propel ORM library with epesi framework

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2007-10-01

Tutorial and screencast added

Please visit our Tutorial section (http://epesi.org/index.php/Epesi_tutorial) which will explain how in fast and efficient way create custom modules and modifications for the framework. Make sure to see the screencast showing the process (http://www.epesi.org/tutorial/)

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2007-08-14

epesi coding competition

Telaxus LLC - a company behind the epesi framework - announced a coding competition with a Grand Prize of $1,000 USD. The primary goal of this coding competition is to test this framework. We would like to receive feedback about bugs, shortcomings, feature requests etc. You can read more about it at http://www.telaxus.com

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2007-07-01

Epesi: first release & demo

Epesi is a lightweight PHP/AJAX based framework for development of database driven web applications.

We have just completed our first, public release of the epesi framework and there is also a demo available for testing under following address: http://www.epesi.org/demo/
You can log in with the following account:
Login: admin
Password: admin
Feel free to test basic functionality of the framework as well as three simple applications available in this version (Gallery, Forum and StaticPages). ... read more

Posted by Ethnar 2007-06-21

Project Created

After several months of hard work we are ready to release to the public "epesi framework". This is a third (3) major revision of the framework we used to develop web based applications. The work on it will never be finished but we hope that soon this version will be mature enough to become a platform on which you can build your own applications.

SVN will be updated soon.

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2007-03-30