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New EPESI version 1.6.1 released

A new version of EPESI has been released today - 1.6.1 (20140913)

Most important changes:
- RecordBrowser - add ability to print any record
- RecordBrowser - save filters per user
- Set "Company Name" and "Tax ID" fields as unique
- Add field to select from multiple recordsets in RecordBrowser
- Allow negative integer numbers in RecordBrowser
- Add Cron Management to Administrator Panel
- Add Custom Recordsets tool to RecordBrowser
- Add time and timestamp fields to RB GUI admin
- Add ability to sort RB fields with drag n drop
- Add button to switch full toolbar in ckeditor
- Configurable edited_on field format in Attachments
- Allow to disable expandable rows in user settings
- Search improvements - optimization, set defaults, disable certain recordsets
- Update translations... read more

Posted by Adam Bukowski 3 days ago Labels: release

New EPESI version 1.6.0 released

A new version of EPESI has been released today - 1.6.0 (20140710)


  • New attachments based on RecordBrowser
  • Add exception handling
  • Fix Base/Print uninstall method
  • Fix attachments when mcrypt module is not loaded
  • Do not show files in attachments when note is not decrypted
  • Add DEBUG_JS option for better js errors handling
  • Add option to forbid autologin
  • Add another admin access level to control ban and autologin
  • Do not generate watchdog notification when user doesn't have view access to modified field
  • Fix Roundcube rc_contactgroups reference
  • Fix RecordBrowser's field tooltip for select and multiselect fields
  • Fix Month View applet issue related to the daylight saving shift
  • Fix new langpack rule issue.
  • Remove duplicated codes from countries list and calling codes
  • Move jump to id setting to database (remove function Utils_RecordBrowser::disable_jump_to_record)
  • Add option to run update procedure from commandline interface
  • Add maintenance mode
  • Add Utils_CurrencyFieldCommon::parse_currency method
  • Improve RB uninstall method to remove processing callbacks and others
  • Add option to create mailto: links even when RoundCube accounts are set
  • Time management for patches
  • Allow patches to save some state and run from that place
  • Update process reinvented to match new patches with restart
Posted by Adam Bukowski 2014-07-14 Labels: release

New EPESI version 1.5.6 released

A new version of EPESI has been released today - 1.5.6 (20140305)


  • Crypted notes
  • New module to generate printouts
  • Change cron mechanism
  • Trigger error, when patch has failed during update
  • Fix HomePage template installation
  • Add mod_alias rules to show 404 on .svn and .git directories
  • Set read-only attribute in commondata
  • Fix access restrictions and use proper data directory in check.php script
  • Fix logo file in Utils/FrontPage
  • Properly sanitize language variable in setup.php script
  • Fix get_access method to respect temporary user_id changes
  • Fix icon in RecordBrowser for different template
  • Extend session_id length
  • Allow filtering of custom status in task applet
  • Fix commondata edit form - do not allow to override values
  • Remove unused code that caused performance issues in CRM/Filters
  • Do not validate form in RB during soft submit
  • Fix Related Notes company addon
  • Fix module_manager to generate proper list of module requirements
  • Fix some issues in reset pass script
  • Fix TCPDF top margin when logo is set but it's hidden
  • Update translations
Posted by Adam Bukowski 2014-03-05 Labels: release

New EPESI version 1.5.5 released

A new version of EPESI has been released today - 1.5.5 (20140113)


  • Fix recurrent meeting issue in Activities tab - Forum thread
  • Fix "Paste company data" button - Forum thread
  • Add option to use "Reply-to" header in SMTP settings
  • Fix BBCode url matching
  • Remove ckeditor's internal save button, that wasn't used
  • Fix moving notes - some rare issue with directories
  • Fix deleting files upon note removal
  • Update RoundCube version to 0.9.5
  • Fix dashboard's tab management
  • Fix RecordBrowserReports column summary to not show last row doubled
  • Fix wrong time and date in mobile view - Forum thread
  • Add new possible Home Page - company of current user
  • Check access when copying company data into contact
  • Clean up include path
  • Fix creating new contact - Forum thread
  • Fix calendar event with duration less than 1h
  • Several fixes for PostgreSQL engine
  • Fix broken Contact's template (#2)
  • Fix printing all records from RecordBrowser
  • Fix watchdog email notifications (#3)
  • Update translations
Posted by Adam Bukowski 2014-01-13

EPESI Programming Competition

Take part in EPESI Programming Competition!

If you already know EPESI and tried to build a custom module or application
on top of EPESI CRM then please share your experience with us.
From all entries we will choose the best and most interesting cases and
award prizes:

1st place - $1,000 USD
2nd place - $500 USD
3rd place - $200 USD

All participants of the programming contest will be also evaluated for a
paid Internship position with the possibility of employment as a Web
Application Developer at Telaxus LLC (for interested participants).... read more

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2013-12-09

EPESI CRM ver. 1.5.4 rev. 11060 available!

Important! This is a minor update to previously released version 1.5.4 rev. 11044

It includes all features and bugfixes as in original 1.5.4 version:

  • bug fixes in RecordBrowser and Attachments
  • change admin view for currencies
  • do not report E_DEPRECATED errors - PHP 5.5.x deprecates some features used by Smarty templating engine
  • RoundCube 0.9.4
  • EPESI - RoundCube archiving fixes
  • RoundCube imap cache fixes
  • fix RecordBrowser's field edit error when param is empty
  • use reply-to header as default when sending emails from EPESI
  • fix time issues in mobile view - Forum thread
  • improved CSV export... read more
Posted by Janusz Tylek 2013-10-15

New EPESI version 1.5.4 released

A new version of EPESI has been released today - 1.5.4 (rev 11044)


  • bug fixes in RecordBrowser and Attachments
  • change admin view for currencies
  • do not report E_DEPRECATED errors - PHP 5.5.x deprecates some features used by Smarty templating engine
  • RoundCube 0.9.4
  • EPESI - RoundCube archiving fixes
  • RoundCube imap cache fixes
  • fix RecordBrowser's field edit error when param is empty
  • use reply-to header as default when sending emails from EPESI
  • fix time issues in mobile view - Forum thread
  • improved CSV export
Posted by Adam Bukowski 2013-10-14

New EPESI version 1.5.3 released

A new version of EPESI has been released today - 1.5.3 (rev 10944)

  • fix calendar month view in certain timezone configuration - http://forum.epesibim.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1523&p=5959#p5959
  • fix adding new record - rare issue
  • add patch to create one of the ban variables - sometimes after installation admin could get error "undefined variable"
  • fix template html for launchpad
  • fix deprecated hook name in RoundCube EPESI plugin
  • fix leightbox js issues
  • fix searching for a lot of records
  • sort meetings in activities tab
  • fix issues with field names in record's history
  • add filtering for currency field
  • RBO - add set_style method for field definition, add get_access method to recordset
  • fix add note from table view and record view - http://forum.epesibim.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1760
  • updated translations
  • NEW archived messages threaded view
  • change RoundCube account names display in applet
  • fix RoundCube archive issues - http://forum.epesibim.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1702
Posted by Adam Bukowski 2013-07-09

New EPESI version 1.5.2 released

A new version of EPESI has been released today - 1.5.2 (rev 10766)

  • Full version of CKEditor included.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • commondata field created by user was causing error during search - Forum thread
    • tooltips in calendar events were broken - Polish forum thread
    • print browse mode of company or contact field didn't indicate record type.
  • Icon of company or contact field has been changed to text indicator ([Company] / [Contact]) in some places. It's related to third bug listed above.
Posted by Adam Bukowski 2013-05-13

New EPESI version 1.5.1 released

A new version of EPESI has been released today - 1.5.1 (rev 10757)

  • A new version of CKEditor
  • Fixed bug in Utils/Attachments - user was unable to edit note using Firefox.
    Now notes edit box is always on top of the notes.
  • Updated translations
Posted by Adam Bukowski 2013-05-08

New EPESI version 1.5.0 released

A new version of EPESI has been released today - 1.5.0 (rev 10714)

The most important changes divided into categories:

- new RoundCube email client
- new CKEditor version - modern look & feel
- click2fill appearance and help improvements
- multiple attachments per note
- shoutbox improvements - click to address person, changed user labels, tab+enter to send
- company or contact suggestbox - show icon based on type, always display several records from both recordsets
- watchdog - subscribe to categories (by default only for managers)
- sort mails archived in EPESI by thread... read more

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2013-04-23

New EPESI version 1.4.2 released!

This is a minor update dealing with a few bugs in both CRM and framework. All changes are listed below. Please remember to backup your data before updating and check for new versions of your modules in EPESI Store!


  • Contacts - resolved an issue that could prevent Administrators from creating contacts
  • User Management - user admin level shown when browsing users
  • RecordBrowser - fixed print/export in administrator panel
  • RecordBrowser - resolved a minor issue in mobile interface
Posted by Olga 2012-12-05

New EPESI version 1.4.1 released

This version is considered a minor update - it contains mostly various fixes and small improvements to version 1.4.0. Still, it is highly recommended that you update your installation of EPESI to this version.
For more information on changes in this version see README file or visit http://epe.si/version-141

Posted by Olga 2012-11-15

EPESI autoinstaller!

Softaculous is the leading Auto Installer having 278 great scripts used by leading Control Panels like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, InterWorx, H-Sphere. EPESI is now included under ERP section. Read more here: http://www.softaculous.com/apps/erp/EPESI
What it means - if your hosting provider uses one of these control panels - and most likely it does - you can have EPESI auto installed using basically few clicks. Great news for the community :) We would like to thank all current users for your support and comments and reporting bugs.

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2012-11-08

New EPESI version 1.4 released

This is a major upgrade with many new features:
- Google Docs integration
- New translation system
- Improved, rewritten user management
- Advanced Permission System
- Multi-company setup
- Improved compatibility with various HTTP servers and browsers
- Record Browser (CRUD engine) improvements
- Better e-mail handling and integration with Roundcube IMAP client
- UI - graphical improvements
- updated libraries: TCPDF, jquery
- as always many bugs fixed
For a complete list read included README file or see https://sourceforge.net/projects/epesi/files/epesi/1.4.0/

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2012-10-31

Premium Modules available

The first part of premium modules is now available in EPESI Store. EPESI version 1.3 and Super Administrator clearance are required in order to access it. Learn more at http://epe.si/epesi-store

Modules available:

- E-mail Campaign Manager
- Inventory Management
- eCommerce
and more...

If you encounter any problems while using our Store, let us know and we will try to resolve any issues as fast as possible.
Detailed descriptions of modules will be available soon on our site - http://epe.si/extension-modules

Posted by Olga 2012-04-23

EPESI - new version 1.3.0!

Changes and new features:
EPESI Store added - you can now purchase additional modules for your EPESI installation
Improved styles and interface
RTL support
Fixes for password recovery mechanism
RecordBrowser - advanced permissions editor
Notes - filter and search added
Simple maintenance tools added
Multiple minor bug fixes

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2012-04-02

epesiBIM version 1.2.2 released

The latest version of free and open source CRM application was just released. This release includes security and bug fixes, new features and improved compatibility with browsers including ipads.

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2011-12-08

epesiBIM ver. 1.1.6 released

New version of the most intuitive open source CRM on the market today was released. As always some new features and bugfixes.

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2011-05-30

epesiBIM ver. 1.1.4 released

epesibim ver. 1.1.4-rev.7454 was released on January 4th, 2011
- IE8 support
- ipad support
- calendar fixes
- parent company in crm company recordset
- related companies in crm contact recordset
- ro language updated
- mailto protocol support in epesi with integrated roundcube mail client
- many other fixes

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2011-01-04

epesiBIM ver. 1.1.3 released

epesibim ver. 1.1.3-rev.7318 was released on October 12, 2010
* fixed UTF-8 substr usage in browse of records
* CRM works properly without Meeting module installed
* tickets update from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 fixed
* QuickForm updated to 3.2.11
* RoundCube mail field in account setup
* check SSL availability in Roundcube account setup
* mobile - minor fixes
* notes aggregator view
* other fixes...
Now available in 7 languages: English (en), Polish (pl), German (de), Swedish (sv), Dutch (nl), Lithuanian (lt) and Romanian (ro - partial).

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2010-10-13

epesibim PHP CRM ver. 1.1.0 released

epesibim ver. 1.1.0-rev.7033 changes:
- Roundcube mail client addressbook fully integrated with epesi
- new Lithuaninan translation
- support for multiple processing callbacks
- bug fixes

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2010-06-30

epesi version 1.0.9 released

This version: epesi-1.0.9-rev6878 includes:
- RoundCube mail client as default one
- new calendar engine
- contact photo
- Romanian translation
- added zones for Romania, Austria...
- new projects ticketing engine
- many bug fixes and enhancements

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2010-05-26

epesiBIM new version released

epesi-1.0.8-rev6336 with several bugfixes, like broken activities tab. Major rewrite of a "combo automultiselect" - you can now assign records to Contacts, Companies or both.

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2010-02-20

over 10,000 downloads

epesi BIM live demo had over 10,000 visitors and was downloaded over 10,000 times from Sourceforge as of December 2009! Thank you!

Posted by Janusz Tylek 2010-01-07