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Envision / News: Recent posts

Envision Access Problems

Envision database could have a problem in MYSQL authentication process. In such a case try to update the 'tbl_operators' table using the following SQL command:

UPDATE `tbl_operators` SET `password` = PASSWORD( 'admin' ) WHERE `operator_id` =7

You should read in the 'password' field the following string:

Then retry to access.

Posted by Piero Berritta 2006-04-06

Released Envision 1.0 Data Mining Tool

Anthas Consulting ( has released Envision 1.0. Envision is a web based data mining tool, integrated into MySQL Database. It implements several Weka data mining engines (Classification, Clustering, Associative Rules, etc.), providing additional database persistency. It can be used in marketing and business processes data modeling and analisys. It is completely Web Based in order to be a completely distributed tool.

Posted by Piero Berritta 2006-03-31