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Project support

This project is oficially dead, we strongly recomend migrate to "Best Practical Request Tracker" (http://bestpractical.com/rt/)

Posted by David Trejos 2010-03-05

Entertrack 1.3 Final released

We're glad to anounce the final version of the entertrack 1.3, beetween the version 1.3-RC3 and this final was focuses on bug fixes.

Posted by Edder 2009-05-07

Entertrack 1.3-RC3 released

- Fix error when a new issue is created will all clients selected
- Workarround with a file with 64MB, throwing errors.
- Fix order on issue logs, on a open issue
- Fix Javascript error when you click multiple times add event.
- Fix errors related with editing multilines fields with IE 6 and 7, data escaping and javascript errors related to.

Posted by Edder 2009-04-06

Entertrack 1.3-RC2 released

- Fix minor bugs
- Fix regresion bug related with header bugs
- Added better feedback on autosave fields

Posted by Edder 2009-03-27

Entertrack 1.3-RC1 released

It's the first big release now including issue rewrite on Zend Framework with Doctrine ORM.

View issue now have inline-edit with javascript, modal dialog updating data using ajax.

Added integration to APC PHP Extension to pre-compile a cache pages, to increase the performance, also added dojo package to less XHR dojo request.

Added integration to jasper reports, plus statistical reports build on top.

Posted by Edder 2009-03-17

Entertrack 1.2.6 released

New Features:
• Added new library to creates graphics
• Added new report Raw Data
• Added new report Users Statistics with graphics support
• Added new report Group summary
• Added a function to clean out temporally graphic images to the reports.
• Improve performance between views and database.

Bugs Fixed
• Create new method for modules removeOldGraphs that graphs images cache
• Added new folder in cache called graphs to store temporally
• Added library in graphing folder to store jpgraphs
• Fixed few bugs in installation process with postgresql.
• Fixed problems with permissions with postgresql.

Posted by David Trejos 2008-08-08

Entertrack 1.2.5 relesed

Entertrack 1.2.5 is a minor bug fix release

Posted by David Trejos 2008-07-09

EnterTrack 1.2.4 relesed

The EnterTrack 1.2.4 has been released.

* Fix some bugs in the permision logic.
* Add a basic framework for automatic reports generation.

Posted by David Trejos 2008-07-03

EnterTrack 1.2.3 relesed

The EnterTrack 1.2.3 is a mayor bug fixed release, also add a basic LDAP / Active Directory auth method

* Add basic LDAP / Active Directory auth method, The users must exist in the ET Data Base, just verify the password with LDAP

* A lot of bugs have been fixed.

Posted by David Trejos 2008-06-30

EnterTrack 1.2.2 official released

We are glad to announce the official release of EnterTrack


Assign the pending un-assigned issues from a single screen.

For Issues that exceed the hour limit defined for a particular product, the BGColor Option assigns a highlight color.

A checkbox has been added to "My Settings" to display a column that show when the Issue was opened in all the lists.... read more

Posted by David Trejos 2008-06-02

Entertrack 1.2.2 RC1 released

The Entertrack 1.2.2 RC1 has been released. Here some information:


* Un-assigned issues Option, now you can assign the new un-assigned issues from a single screen
* BGcolor Option, now you can assign a bgcolor to Issues that exceed the limit of hours defined for that product
* In "My Settings" there is now a checkbox to add a column to show when an Issue was opened
* The email puller now includes IMAP_SSL accounts
* The subcriptions form only shows the group members by default. If you want to show all just click the option
* In the Issue view option now you can see if are files attached
* The "due by" column now appears in every list, and if the issue is delayed the text is highlighted
* The email parser now supports multibyte strings like UTF-8... read more

Posted by David Trejos 2008-03-17

EnterTrack Nagios plugin 1.0 released

This plugin can be use from Nagios (http://www.nagios.org) to get a lot of information about the Issues and events added by the users.

Posted by David Trejos 2008-02-28

EnterTrack 1.2.1 released

EnterTrack 1.2.1 is largely a bugfix release of EnterTrack 1.2.0. EnterTrack is an enterprise-level issue management system written in PHP, supporting email- and web-based access to issues and a rich and powerful user interface.

Posted by Dustin J. Mitchell 2007-04-29

EnterTrack 1.2.0 (final) released

Version 1.2.0 of EnterTrack adds a new, cleaner notification system and divides the users associated with tickets and groups into "clients" and "techs". It adds a completely rewritten reporting module, as well as many other, smaller interface changes.

Under the hood, the new EnterTrack has an advanced web-based installer, as well as a completely rewritten database interface, using the standard PEAR 'MDB2' module.

Posted by Dustin J. Mitchell 2007-03-11

EnterTrack 1.2.0 release candidate

A release candidate for EnterTrack 1.2.0 is now available. If you are using EnterTrack now, please download this candidate and let us know how it works for you! See the release notes for a description of major improvements over 1.1.0.

Posted by Dustin J. Mitchell 2007-01-23

Final 1.1.0 release

The EnterTrack team is proud to announce the final release of EnterTrack 1.1.0. This release adds a Norwegian BokmXl translation, a revised email-processing system, a migration tool for users upgrading from Issue-Tracker, and myriad fixes and adjustments.

We still need your help! If you're a programmer, we'd love to have your patches. If you're using EnterTrack, please submit requests (RFEs) or bug reports to help us improve the application.

Posted by Dustin J. Mitchell 2005-06-15