Hi Massimo,

Thanks for committing this and other stuff.
I moved house recently and had my fiancee move in with me, and at this stage not even enough time to keep e17 up-to-date let alone commit stuff.
Not sure if I am likely to have more time at some point in the future...!
But let e rock on in the meanwhile :)


On 15/05/07, Massimo Maiurana <maiurana@gmail.com> wrote:
Yasufumi Haga, il 13/05/2007 11:57, scrisse:
> Hello all
> This is an update of the ja.po file for e17 checked out
> on May 12.


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Articolo 11 - L'Italia ripudia la guerra come strumento di offesa
alla libertÓ degli altri popoli e come mezzo di risoluzione delle
controversie internazionali....

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