Guys, (specially raster)

just did today the release of 1.7.5, Mike (discomfitor/zmike) was talking to me about also doing a new minor release of Enlightenment so the bug fixes that have been made already to the stable branch can be easily obtained by users. Problem is, according to him we are unable to use 0.17.1 as the proper version.

So what I would like to know is:

1) (raster-only) Why not using 0.17.1?
2) What should we use if that is in fact not available? 0.17.0-1 was suggested on IRC but I find it quite confusing. We could go with but honestly, we already have e16 version 1.0, so enlightenment is kinda starting to have a really confusing numbering system going. 


Luís Felipe Strano Moraes