2012/10/6 Massimo Maiurana <maiurana@gmail.com>
Massimo Maiurana, il 06/10/2012 12:05, ha scritto:
> Sérgio Marques, il 06/10/2012 11:44, ha scritto:
>> I´ve already check it and it is fine. I do have one question: What does option:
>> "Ignore replace ID" is meant for?
> i'll ask developers about this

quoting discomfitor:
notifications contain an identifier which allows the display system to replace
notifications with the same ID. for example, if an application sends a
notification which says "50% Complete" and then wants to update it to "60%
Complete", the app can set the same id for teh message to have it replaced
instead of displaying both notifications.

this option ignores replacements and always generates new notifications
whenever a message is received


Got it. Thanks. 

Sérgio Marques