I just updated from CVS today -- I waited until I saw the "all clear" on  Those things that were known to not build indeed did not build.

I am seeing some very strange behavior, though, when I switch themes.  I am moving between the Default, Winter and Darkness themes.  These three are the ones that are supposed to work.

When I switch themes, every open window I have simply goes away.  The only exception appears to be those windows which are "remembered" or minimized.  I can see the process still running -- all my Eterms, shells, etc.  The "lost window" menu shows me nothing and I see no unusual error messages on the console.  Other than that, everything seems to work very nicely. 

Is this still part of the themes being broken?  Have I neglected to update or remove something?  Is this a known bug/problem/issue and I just need to hold tight until the code is fixed?


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