Eterm themes...

man Eterm


from a theme.cfg file....
begin imageclasses
  path "./pix/:~/.Eterm/:~/.Eterm/themes/Eterm/pix:~/.Eterm/pix/:/usr/local/shar
  icon /home/ral/icons/spongebob.png
  begin image
    type background
    mode image allow image trans viewport auto
    state normal
    file stripe1.png
    geom 0x0:tiled
  end image

Karl A. Hribernik wrote:
"Hall Stevenson" <> schrieb am 25.06.02 15:26:11:
Where the hell is the Eterm icon?

Talking of which, is there any way (and there probably is, knowing E) to
redefine icon definitions without messing with the global file in (my SuSE install)

My first post here, been lurking a while. ;> Hi everyone.

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