G'day everyone,
Can everyone interested please take a look at http://sean-isd.newcastle.edu.au/e/ I have only altered the main page, but it would be trivial to run the new look through the whole site.
Could I have any comments or suggestions by tomorrow please guys? I've tested under Mac IE5 and PC IE 5, but I don't have immediate access to any *nix browsers. I'll try it out under NS4 and 6, but I'm confident that the fonts and layout should remain essentially the same across platforms.
An idea I have been toying with is a traceback bar (eg: Download> Binaries> Mirrors) so that you can always see where you are in the site - but is the e website going to be large enough to warrant something like this?
The other worry is copyright/licence/etc - Raster, do you think it might be a good idea to include a copyright footer or something similar on each page?
Let me know what y'all think...