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Engroup 1.5.1 released

Engroup 1.5.1 release contains the full features of project management module and other minor improvements. One of them is adding two new modules: Connection and User Profile. In addition, lot of back-end modules are organized, engroup libraries are upgraded to newer version to increase re-usability and stability of Engroup platform. See http://esofthead.com/node/25 for more details.

Posted by eSoftHead, a VietNam Company 2009-10-07

Engroup 1.5 Milestone 1 released

eSoftHead - a Vietnam software outsourcing company, released Java/AIR groupware product Engroup version 1.5 M1. You can read release notes at http://esofthead.com/node/44.

Any comments or suggestions, please drop some lines to info@esofthead.com

Posted by eSoftHead, a VietNam Company 2009-06-01

Screenshots of Engroup 1.5 M1

We will release the first milestone of Engroup 1.5 in next several days. You could check out its screenshots at http://www.flickr.com/photos/34441795@N06/sets/72157616946782473/

Posted by eSoftHead, a VietNam Company 2009-05-28

eSoftHead - groupware solution

eSoftHead (http://esofthead.com), a Vietnamese IT company has released the presentation of its services and its groupware solution base on Engroup product. Check the slide at http://www.scribd.com/doc/14850579/eSoftHead

Posted by eSoftHead, a VietNam Company 2009-05-04

Engroup 1.5 roadmap

Engroup 1.5 will focus on Document Management module. Please check the detail roadmap at http://blog.esofthead.com/engroup-15-roadmap/

Posted by eSoftHead, a VietNam Company 2009-04-22

Engroup 1.0 has been released

Engroup is the enterprise groupware plus many features for business like HR, CRM. Engroup is the stability platform and scalability for mid-size business activities by utilizing the Java technology at server side and AIR/Flex at client side.

This release is the bug fix release of previous one. In addition, it is the first time we release Engroup source code under GPL license.

Check more detail at http://blog.esofthead.com/engroup-10-a-javaair-groupware-has-been-released/

Posted by eSoftHead, a VietNam Company 2009-04-16

The initial release of Engroup

I am very pleased to announce the first initial release of Engroup goes to public today. You can check it out at here, we are welcome to receive any comments from yours. Engroup is the short name of Enterprise Groupware, it aims to be one of the world-class groupware for enterprise. Engroup platform includes two main platforms:

1. Engroup Server Osgi-base Platform: The Engroup server platform includes numbers of Osgi bundles that runs in Equinox framework. It embeds servlet container ( Tomcat), and LDAP server (Apache Directory), web applications (forum, wiki, mail and more), third-party library bundles and Engroup modules. Spring Dynamic Modules library plays the key role to resolve our Spring services to Osgi services. With the proven benefits of Osgi and Spring framework in developing modular application, Engroup Server Osgi-base Platform is the SaaS platform that can be customized by customer needs, ease of maintain and upgrade, also integrates with other applications with low cost.
2. Engroup RIA Client Platform: The Engroup client platform is inspired by Web Operation System approach. It includes the core engine that manages the life cycle of modules (install/uninstall module, do action when module start or stop etc), Engroup modules (HR, CRM, Mail etc) and platform services (Download/Upload/Export/Error Handling etc) - we can registered more services to platform. Engroup Client Platform also be the modular platform, each module is loose coupling to others and they talk each other via message (event). Engroup RIA Platform is developed by Flex that could be run on both Desktop and Web. The front end of Engroup Client Platform only be Engroup Desktop Application (only Engroup Desktop is depended to AIR framework), the Engroup client core engine does not limit in desktop environment.... read more

Posted by eSoftHead, a VietNam Company 2009-03-12