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compiling enblend to windows, confusing error

  • Of course Im a noob when it comes to compiling. I read the instructions from wiki.panotools.org to compile enblend from source but I seem to get stuck when I use MSVC 2008. I tried to set the project to 'release' and then 'build project', but it always seem to come up with errors, saying that 1 was successful, 2 failed, etc.
    There is no enblend/INSTALLDIR directory that is created. I am stuck on this part which prevents me from moving further.

    Can someone help with this?  Keep in mind that I need step by step instructions because I am unfamiliar with MSVC and most of the coding jargon that goes with it. Thanks.

    • martial spirit
      martial spirit

      I met this problem too, on windows platform, enblend/enfuse cannot compiled.