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Help port YaKi!

Yaki was written with portable/handheld systems in mind. It currently runs on Sharp Zaurus systems, but that's all I have.

It should be portable to other handhelds with little or no effort, the Nokia Internet tablets should be an easy targets, but other systems like PSP, GP2x, PDAs, etc should be possible as well.

If you're able to port to such a system, let me know, I'll be happy to host the binaries.

Posted by Tony Smolar 2007-07-18

First release of emufe-env

Emufe-env is a set of scripts and directory layout designed to manage emulators and their roms. The system is designed to be extensible so that it can support any emulator (in theory).

The system was also designed with the goal of being able to be run from CD-ROM. Currently the system has support for Ordinary CD-ROMS, Knoppix Live CDs, and cygwin Live CDs (for running under Windows)

Posted by Tony Smolar 2006-02-20

First public emufe release!

Yes it's labeled version 2.0.1 because I'd been working on it for a few years, and never found the time to release it publically until now

Posted by Tony Smolar 2006-02-18