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#145 Can not make the rear channels working Edit


I have an SB Live! 5.1 PCI soundcard. It's pci id is
I can access three dsp devices under my /dev. These
are /dev/dsp , dsp0 and dsp1.
I can test the dsp devices with:
cat /usr/bin/mc > /dev/dsp' -> Front Speakerscat /usr/bin/mc > /dev/dsp0' -> Front Speakers(again)
cat /usr/bin/mc > /dev/dsp1' -> I can not hear anything...cat /usr/bin/mc > /dev/dsp2' -> No such device
`cat /usr/bin/mc > /dev/dsp3' -> No such device

I have four speakers. One stereo set plugged in to the
green jack (Front), and one stereo set plugged in to the
black jack (Rear). But I can't hear anything from the
rear speakers, although they are working, cause I can
change the speakers.
I'm using the OSS drivers from linux kernel 2.6.7.

emu10k1 68740 2
ac97_codec 16780 1 emu10k1

emu-dspmgr -r :

Pcm L:Front L
Pcm L:Rear L
Pcm R:Front R
Pcm R:Rear R
Pcm1 L:Rear L
Pcm1 R:Rear R
fx8:Front L
fx9:Front R
fx10:Rear L
fx11:Rear R
fx12:Analog Center
fx13:Analog LFE
fx15:Digital L
fx15:Digital R
Analog L:Rear L
Analog L:ADC Rec L
Analog R:Rear R
Analog R:ADC Rec R
CD-Spdif L:Front L
CD-Spdif L:Rear L
CD-Spdif R:Front R
CD-Spdif R:Rear R

In the kmix mixer program I can see two PCM outputs,
PCM and PCM2. The PCM is only adjusting the Front
speaker's volume. The PCM2 doesn't do anything...
Unfortunately I can not compile the emu10k1 driver from
emu10k1.sf.net, because it doesn't compile under kernel

I'm ask for help, to make the rear speakers working with
this sb live card.




  • daniell

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    Ok, this is probably the OSS driver's bug, because with the
    alsa driver, I can make the rear channels working.
    I have both input devices working. With emu-dspmgr -i, I can
    see Pcm (/dev/dsp), and Pcm1 (/dev/dsp1). I can send data
    to both of them. But there is no match for an output and my
    rear channels. I've configured my card's routing table with
    the emu-dspmgr, so the /dev/dsp1 (Pcm1) device were
    directed to all (15) outputs. When sending data
    to /dev/dsp1, I couldn't hear anything from my rear speakers.
    Instead I could hear voice coming from my front speakers,
    and that's why I think this a bug in the OSS driver, because
    the device (/dev/dsp1, Pcm1) itself is working, but the driver
    can not handle the rear output. Perhaps this is a rather new
    sb live! 5.1 card :)



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