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#144 Troubles w/ Audigy2 ZS Platinum Edit

Mike Messmore

I'm trying to get a newly purchased Audigy2 ZS Platinum
fully up and running, but am running into some troubles.

The only jack on the PCI card that know I can get to
work is the line-level input. I haven't tried any of
the other inputs, or the digital out, but the various
output jacks for surround do not put out anything. As
far as the LiveDrive is concerned I've only used the
headphone jack, which is connected to my speakers, and
the Mic line in w/gain. Both work flawlessly.

The remote however does nothing. No matter what I've
put in for extin and extout values and even with the
'cat [long hex string] > /dev/snd/midiC0D1' trick I
can't get anything out of /dev/snd/midiC0D1 and no
blinky light on the LiveDrive.

I checked the battery with a multimeter and it's
ringing in at just over 3V, so thats not the problem.

So if you know the correct values for extin and extout
or have any other information I'd appreciate it.



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