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Thomas Gieseler

I am using SuSE 8.1 with the following configuration:
CPU: AMD Athjlon XP2200+
Memory: 512MB DDR RAM PC333
Grafic: GeForce4 TI4600, 128MB
Sound: SbLive 5.1 digital
Speakers: Creative Inspire 5.1 digital 5700
TV: Hauppauge DVB'S
ISDN: AVM Fritz! card

My problem is, that when I am playing a CD or something
else the sound is o.k and all speakers are working
correct. Buth I have no sound, when I am starting kvdr
or Xawtv. I try to mute and unmute all channels in the
alsamixer tool and also I try the capture mode with all
channels, but this does not solve my problem. The TV
card is connected to the Line-In channel of the
soundcard and the speakers are connected to the
digital-out port of the soundcard.
Is there anybody who can give a help to solve this problem?

Many thanks for your help in advance and best regards



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    Have the same problem, too.
    I simply connected the TV-Card Line-Out to my Reciever, when
    i watch TV i have to switch on TV-input on my reciever. This
    does work, but it doesn't solve the problem =( with this
    configuration it isn't possibly to record any TV-sounds....



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