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#1 Audigy Help Edit

Scott Cameron

I have been searching for help with my Audigy Gamer+
for almost two months now! I am running Mandrake
Linux 8.1 with the 2.4.8-26 kernel (I will be
updating to newest kernel right away). I have also
downloaded the latest emu-tools package. How do I
compile the driver, configure my system and get
that soundcard working. Right now, I have no sound
at all. Maybe one detailed reply here or in the
forum could help a lot of people with the same
problem that I have.
Thank you very much for your help. You have no idea
just how much I appreciate it!!!
Scott Cameron


  • Phill Hoerter
    Phill Hoerter

    Logged In: YES

    You can download the Audigy drivers from the project page.
    Decompress them

    tar -xzvf filename.tar.gz

    and read emu10k1/docs/README with you favorite editor. All
    the directions for installation are in there. Basic
    functions are working sound playing and recording. If you
    have digital speakers you will need to compile the tools as
    well. They come with the drivers.

    Maybe an Admin can put a copy of the readme file on the Docs
    page to help with your question. I have an Audigy and it
    does work in Linux. Good Luck!


  • Logged In: YES

    Hi, I just uploaded a tarball of the driver and added an
    install guide in the docs section.



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