SB Live 5.1 Digital

  • Hi there,

    sorry if this question is already been asnwered, I searched a while but did not find anything ...

    Has someone ANY experience with this Soundcard on ANY type of Linux ?

    I dont mind having just 2.1 right now but I really need Micro as well ....

    Before I go ahead and installing Linux again ... got someone this card running including microfone ?


    • Marcus_W

      I have a SB live5.1 with livedrive|| and every out/in works including the microphone. The card should be autodetected under installation but you my have to configure it i little bit to get the microphone connection in the front to work, however the connection on the card should work right away! I use Fedora2 but it has worked in redhat sice version 7.3 and probably before that to. Try again and if you run into problems just post a replay to this and i'll try to help you out! //Wille