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# Summary Milestone Status Owner
32 No sound from right speakers. open Daniel Bertrand
31 SB Live / Prism2 wireless wierdness emu10k1 open Rui Sousa
30 Big Bug or BIGGER newbie? emu10k1 open
29 Live Drive Phones output not enabled. emu10k1 open Daniel Bertrand
27 Noisy/distorted sound on first Line-out emu10k1 open
25 Distorted sound open
24 driver reload emu10k1 open
22 Problems with SNDCTL_DSP_GETOPTR emu10k1 open Rui Sousa
21 sudden volume drop when upgrading open Daniel Bertrand
20 ac3 passthrough problems open Rui Sousa
19 Bubbling/popping noise audigy open
18 pcm volume control doesn't work emu10k1 open Daniel Bertrand
17 problem with main.o audigy open Rui Sousa
15 No digital Audio emu10k1 open Daniel Bertrand
13 Poor PC performance with driver loaded emu10k1 open
11 Crackle / Noise audigy open
10 no sound emu10k1 open
9 synchronized recording emu10k1 open
8 0.18 crackling noise open
5 sound stops emu10k1 open Daniel Bertrand
4 problems with later driver versions emu10k1 open Daniel Bertrand
2 Plays for a while then crashes open
1 skipping sound audigy open Rui Sousa
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