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Rui Sousa
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when i play sound files the sound skips a few
milliseconds very often. it's pretty anoying actually
since i put a lot of time into making my soundfiles
sound as good as possible.
i hope this will get high priority because otherwise i
think it's a great driver.


  • Rui Sousa
    Rui Sousa

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    Kernel version, driver version?
    What others programs are running on the system?
    Is this playback only?

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    I use kernel 2.4.17 and the audigy driver 2002-01-25 on my
    SB Live 5.1..

    I found out what was causing the skips actually since they
    disappeared when i turned of the sequencer... now the sound
    only skips like once every 30th second or so and it's such a
    small skip that you can hardly even hear it...

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    Same here. From time to time it skips.
    It skips more with artsd and fewer when using

    Kernel versions stock 2.4.17 and 2.4.18-pre8-mjc both
    have same problems. Debian Woody.

    Also, sometimes I hear some clicks (or rather its a
    creeping noise longing some fraction of a sec).

    Driver version is whatever is in kernel.

    Oh yes and those skips and clicks appear also when
    almost nothing is running on the computer (single user mode)
    with splay.

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    What do you do to shut off the sequencer? I am running
    linux 2.4.17 and the new 2/14/02 Audigy driver. Thanks

  • Shawn Walker
    Shawn Walker

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    My bet would be that you have the ESD sound daemon running,
    or the KDE sound server running, try disabling them and see
    if you still have those problems. I find that these programs
    often cause this problem. Also try the latest driver (may).



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