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Electromagnetic Python / News: Recent posts

FDTD interface

the interface to an FDTD algorithm (not yet released itself) has been added.

Posted by Lorenzo Bolla 2007-12-21

finite difference modesolver

a semivectorial and a vectorial modesolvers have been added. they are based on the finite difference algorithm and inspired by the work of Fallahkhair, found here (http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/loadFile.do?objectId=12734).

Posted by Lorenzo Bolla 2007-12-21

new scattering code

New codes to handle scattering problems have been added to the forecoming 0.1.2 version of EMpy. Thanks to Julien Hillairet for the codes.

Posted by Lorenzo Bolla 2007-11-06

new revision 0.1.1

new revision 0.1.1 is out.
TransferMatrix, ChainMatrix and a ProgressBar have been added.
some changes in the API, also.

Posted by Lorenzo Bolla 2007-10-10

TransferMatrix and ChainMatrix

I've added an implementation of TransferMatrix and ChainMatrix in the CVS code. They can be used to study the frequency response of simple devices, like couplers, lines and so on. They can be composed to study more complex devices, like Mach-Zehnders, ring resonators, or even very complex networks.
More to come, soon.

Posted by Lorenzo Bolla 2007-10-07


EMpy is finally hosted on SourceForge!

Posted by Lorenzo Bolla 2007-09-18