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EMP-compiler v. is released

Added installation guide and a new bat-file for S60 2nd edition FP3. There were no changes to the source code.

Posted by Aleksi Rantonen 2006-05-29

New tutorial: How to set EMP to Carbide and S60 2nd ed. FP3

A new tutorial is released on how to set EMP to Carbide and S60 2nd ed. FP3. You can get it from:

Posted by Aleksi Rantonen 2006-05-28

EMP-compiler v. is released

This release fixes a bug with arrays when compiling for the emulator.

Posted by Aleksi Rantonen 2006-05-02

EMP-compiler v. is released

This is a bugfix release and doesn't introduce new features.

Posted by Aleksi Rantonen 2006-04-27

New examples

You can download two new examples with source code and binaries from the homepages. The first example is a simple snakes-game and the second is an example that shows how to create animated graphics.

Posted by Aleksi Rantonen 2006-04-27

The introduction to the EMP-language is released

A short introduction of the EMP-language is released in the home page of the EMP-language.

Posted by Aleksi Rantonen 2006-03-13

EMP-compiler v. 0.5 is released

EMP-compiler v.0.5, that is based on EMP-languages prototype, was released yesterday.

Posted by Aleksi Rantonen 2006-03-09

New screenshot added

I've added first screenshot which shows how it is possible to use Eclipse as an programming environment.

Posted by Aleksi Rantonen 2006-01-10