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Patrick Corrigan joins the project team

Patrick Corrigan has joined the project team. Pat is skilled in ASP, Java, html, Photoshop and various other IT talents.

Posted by Ben Norton 2001-04-16

Home Page Updated

The Empire project home page was updated today to be a master page for multiple variations of Empire.

Posted by Ben Norton 2001-04-13

Chas Douglass Joins project team

Chas Douglass, one of the original developers of Civilization at the evergreen state collge has joined the developer team.

Posted by Ben Norton 2001-04-08

Mark Ballinger joins project team

Mark Ballinger has joined the Empire SourceForge Project team. Mark has been working with the Wolfpack version of Empire (Peter Langston's version). This SourceForge project may act as a unification point for the two major variants of the original version (Civilization) from the evergreen state college.

Posted by Ben Norton 2001-04-01

empirez.org and empirez.net have been registered

The empire project is slowly collecting domain names. The HP3000 version of Empire is now reachable as http://HP3000.empirez.net Other instances of active empire games may also obtain host names. Contact hosting@empirez.net.

Posted by Ben Norton 2001-04-01