#122 Improve report gen error handling on corrupt coverage files

Vlad Roubtsov
CORE (51)
Ben Spiller

Corrupt .ec files seem to be a fairly common problem, especially with lots of instances of a process running at once any trying to stomp on the same .ec file. I know there is at least one defect filed about improving that.

However it would also be good to improve the error handling in the case. Currently, if a .ec files cant be loaded, DataFactory.load() throws an exception and (unless you've turned logging up) you get a stack trace but nothing to say which file caused the error - and at the end of all this no coverage report is generated but the build still succeeds.

At a minimum I think the build should fail, and there should be an exception handler that logs out the .ec filename when this happens.

It would also be *really* nice to have an option to skip over and ignore corrupt coverage files, so that the 10 files that are broken don't ruin the report form the 9990 files that aren't.

EMMA 2.0.5312, jdk 1.6.0_18 64-bit