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[Announce] EMA 1.0.0RC1


Today that is a great moment, five years to the very day after the initial contribution on the Environmental Memory concept, we are very pleased to announce the avaibility of EMA 1.0.0RC1 (Release Candidate 1). In the following weeks, this version will be completed for targeting the EMA 1.0.0.

EMA consists in a powerful web-based information system for storing and sharing information on research projects about environmental topics.... read more

Posted by cyril_faucher 2008-04-22

EMIOS at CoastGIS 2007 !


I am very pleased to announce the participation of the EMIOS project at the International Conference: CoastGIS 2007 (Santander, Spain, 7-10 october).
An oral presentation will be given around: "Model-Driven Engineering for implementing the ISO 19100 series of international standards".

More information: http://www.coastgis07.com/

Best regards, Cyril Faucher.

Cyril Faucher - Emios project leader

Posted by cfaucher 2007-07-16

All the Emios's resources are moved to SF

All the Emios's resources (the web site, updates) are moved to the Source Forge repository of Emios, also the new urls are:
- web site: http://emios.sourceforge.net/
- documentation section: http://emios.sourceforge.net/doc.php

Best regards,
Cyril Faucher.

Cyril Faucher - Emios project leader

Posted by cfaucher 2007-04-13

Emios 0.0.1 is released !

I am very pleased to announce you the availability of the first release of Emios: v0.0.1

The scope of Emios is the specification and the implementation of the concept of Environmental Memory via Model Driven Development technologies.
A part of the Emios project concerns the implementation of the ISO 19100 standards in the subproject called MGI as MDD for Geographic Information.
The main feature of this 1rst release are a compnent from MGI: GISM as Geographic Information Standards Manager.
GISM provides an implementation of the ISO 19100 standards, e.g.: ISO 19109 (19110 and 19115 starters are provided, but not full implemented).... read more

Posted by cfaucher 2007-02-01