Emilda 1.2-alpha Released

Emilda 1.2-alpha has been released!

After six months of heavy development we bring you Emilda 1.2-alpha, the first preview release of the forthcoming Emilda 1.2 stable branch. This alpha brings you most of the new enchancements planned for Emilda 1.2, including better cataloguing using item types and subject headings, LDAP authentication, completely renewed configuration system using Control Panels, automated setup and upgrade, new database backend including cached queries and support for older 3.x MySQL servers, Gettext i18n and a new default template. This release brings lots of new features and is intended to be a preview release of upcoming features in 1.2, for the community. This is not a stable release for production environments. A list of planned features for 1.2 can be found at Emilda's Bugzilla database http://bugs.realnode.com/ (http://tinyurl.com/2sdcw).

For more information and downloads, please visit http://www.emilda.org/


- New Search backend
- Subjects
- Item Types
- Reports
- Setup Page
- Configuration within Emilda
- MySQL Cache
- Gettext
- New template: Pastill
- Several minor feature enchancements and bug fixes.
- Fixed bugs / features:

Posted by Mattias Nordstrom 2004-06-23