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Emilda 1.1.0-RC1 Released

This is the first public release of Emilda!

This is the first release candidate, which in practice means that this is generally how 1.1.0 will look like and operate: no big changes are made anymore, unless anythin unexpected shows up. We fixed some small errors in the book_delete page that, for some strange reason, did not allow any books to be deleted, and some small fixes in book_edit & book_info were also conducted.

We are aware of the fact that currently, fileds cannot contain the character '&', since this will split the field at '&', and only show the first part(s) (BUG: 0000117). This seems to be some kind of issue of the XML-parsing of PHP, and since we did not find any intelligent solution to this we postponed this to 1.2.0, where the entire MARC-display system will be redesigned.

We encourage all to test and report problems on this release. We are currently using this release at out 'project'-environment in a school in Finland, with so far good results.

Posted by Mattias Nordstrom 2003-12-01