Svn (Obsolete) Log

Commit Date  
[r1493] by canming

deploy svml_dispmd.dll when building with intel compiler.

2011-11-01 02:10:31 Tree
[r1492] by canming

update Emgu CV version to 2.3.2

2011-11-01 02:09:38 Tree
[r1491] by canming

link with opencv 231 instead of 230

2011-11-01 02:09:03 Tree
[r1490] by canming

updated build script to use TBB from Composer XE.

2011-11-01 02:08:25 Tree
[r1489] by canming

More tests.

2011-10-24 03:21:22 Tree
[r1488] by canming

Better documentation.

2011-10-24 03:20:09 Tree
[r1487] by canming

No mask for CvSIFTDetectorComputeDescriptors.

2011-10-24 03:18:25 Tree
[r1486] by canming

Documentation improvement.

2011-10-24 03:16:13 Tree
[r1485] by canming

Minor improvements.

2011-10-24 03:11:51 Tree
[r1484] by canming

BroxOpticalFlow. GpuInvoke.Gemm. More functions with Stream.

2011-10-24 03:09:20 Tree
[r1483] by canming

Added useMeanshiftGrouping parameter in DetectMultiScale. Added constructor that take an image template as input.

2011-10-24 02:59:58 Tree
[r1482] by canming

minor improvement in GpuHOGDescriptor.

2011-10-24 02:57:26 Tree
[r1481] by canming

minor code simplification.

2011-10-24 02:54:05 Tree
[r1480] by canming

Fix a typo

2011-10-24 02:52:57 Tree
[r1479] by canming

merge libxtiff cmake file into libgeotiff cmake file.

2011-10-24 02:51:39 Tree
[r1478] by canming

Fixed a bug in streamRelease function.

2011-10-24 02:50:20 Tree
[r1477] by canming

update cmake file to deploy cublas.

2011-10-24 02:45:39 Tree
[r1476] by canming

Fixed a header mismatch in CvOrbDetectorComputeDescriptors function.

2011-10-24 02:43:19 Tree
[r1475] by canming

Performance improvements for BinaryFileStorage.

2011-10-17 03:34:05 Tree
[r1474] by canming

Allocate managed memory for CvBlobDetector.

2011-10-17 03:32:00 Tree
[r1473] by canming

Fixed a bug in loadImageFromFileDialog.Filter.

2011-10-17 03:18:13 Tree
[r1472] by canming

More tests.

2011-10-17 03:15:15 Tree
[r1471] by canming

minor code improvements.

2011-10-17 03:13:43 Tree
[r1470] by canming

Added GpuInvoke.AddWeighted and GpuInvoke.Pow function. Rename KnnMatch to SingleKnnMatch.

2011-10-15 19:44:07 Tree
[r1469] by canming

Fix bugs in cvbCvBlobsAdd and cvbCvTracksAdd functions.

2011-10-15 19:38:42 Tree
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