#102 MSconfig not available with emerge shell


I recently tried to run emerge desktop as the default shell, however I noticed on startup it was not running the drivers for my touchpad (The touchpad is on a HP-G60 Notebook.) And so i attempted to run msconfig to see if i had accidently deselected it to run on startup as I had just been using msconfig.
For some reason or other MSCONFIG.exe was not in my C:\Windows\System32 Folder where it is under the normal shell, nor anywhere else I could find.


  • Me Too
    Me Too

    Emerge Desktop is extremely powerful but it doesn't touch ANY system files :)

    msconfig.exe is not in C:\Windows\System32, it is in C:\WINDOWS\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Binaries
    But you can open it by simply typing msconfig on the Run dialog or in emergeCommand ;)


  • Anonymous

    I wouldn't have thought it would have touched system files, but my msconfig is definitely in C:\Windows\System32 while running the normal vista shell

    My PCHEALTH folder contains only another folder called ERRORREP which has two empty sub directories
    I tried to use run under the Emerge shell but it could not find msconfig at all. And when I attempted to browse to it or even use the search function it was nowhere to be seen. This only happens when running the emerge shell.

  • I can't recreate the issue - I'm able to execute msconfig with no issues. Does this issue still occur?



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