#99 Instant "automatic" fillets and chamfers


I would like to request "automatic" corner fillet and chamfer codes for G1.

On my "commercial" machines, I can put a fillet (diagonal cut) on a lathe part as easy as this (in absolute mode):

G1 X0 F.001
G1 X.115 F.002 (PROFILE START)
G1 X.1213 A45.0 F.001 (Fillet to final OD)

The "a" is for angle. You enter a negative value for back turning. This makes for very fast program generation, because no math is required to follow a drawing. Maybe math isn't much of an issue with a 45* fillet, but at 30, or some other value, things get complicated. They are even worse with chamfers!

Another machine uses this syntax, which is fewer g-code commands but more letters to remember:
G1 X0 Z0
G1 X.5 K-.01 ( use K with X to make .01 fillet at end of cut )
G1 Z-.5 I.01 ( use I with Z for .01 fillet... )
G1 X1.0 R-.01 ( use R with either axis for a .01 radius chamfer )

So, with a simple g-code edit, chamfers and fillets are super quick and easy. I'm sure the interpreter edits are not this super quick and easy, but as much as it helps code writing, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you


  • tenaja

    I don't know what I was thinking, but I mixed up chamfer and fillet...