#86 Almost Automated Restart

Chris Radek
GUI - AXIS (15)
Jack Coats

It would be nice to have a field displayed or available that would show the last line number (and preferaby have the x,y,z,etc location available) when the Z axis was at or above a 'safe' distance. At least at Z=0, or another depth if defined in programming. ... This would allow for more rapid restarts after a power failure, tool break, or other issue. The Other axes also should be available to make it 'easy' to jog to near the last 'restart' location after 'fixing' whatever caused this issue.

... Even a 'fully automated restart' (I have heard poeple talking about it as ARF, automated restart facility) that makes restart a 'button press' to move to the Z0,
position to xy as needed then restart the program at the approparite line number.

I realize this is more appropriate to xyz type gantry or mills. Additional or different information might be needed for lathes or other geometries.'

... thank you for your time and consideration. ... Someone told me that Mach is considering a similar addition to their product stream.


  • Jack Coats
    Jack Coats

    Oh yes, I could see this being implemented initially in a limited fashion to simple programs. Where programs with loops, counters, tool changes, or other state information might make this not a valid enhancement or would reset any kind of a backtracking checkpoint.