Hi Akshay,

Yeap, we are currently working on that point  these days. For the time being, we do not push our progress on sourceforge since

we have preferred to maintain separate repositories to avoid confusion.

The board we are working on is a ZynQ Zedboard with an integrated Cortex-A9 and FPGA.

We ported the dom0 and domU so far, and now we are looking for a scenario where we want to run dom0 on one core and

domU on the other.


Tell me if you are interested in this work, we would be happy to collaborate (I put in cc Christian who is working on SMP).


Kind regards,




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Subject: [Embeddedxen-devel] Xen support for ARM A9 SMP mode


Changing the subject.


Do you have Xen support for SMP ARM A9? If yes can you please point me to the code.


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