Importing, multipart, lack of documentation

  • Joel Nothman
    Joel Nothman

    Maybe it's just me that the "online user guide" does nothing for, but as far as I can tell, there is a lack of documentation. For instance, how many columns do I need for importing data? Does CSV want column headers or not? Of course I can find these things out by looking at the source if I know how to navigate it.

    A little documentation would be useful, or a better interface (eg more flexible import functions that allow different numbers of columns, identifying by regex which is email, and if there are only two, that the other be name, etc.)

    I could also volunteer some code for that sort of thing. let me know.

    - Joel

    • SKroWL

      It must be EXACTLY:
      Email address, name, company, memo

  • Do I need to include the headers in the csv file, and even include the headers where there is no information?