Jarek Czekalski

Binary download

Under Files there is an installer produced by NSIS. This installer generates a batch file that is necessary to properly start Emacspeak.

Building instructions

Building instructions are in svn repository.


For general Emacspeak support go to Emacspeak Home. If you suspect that you have a problem that is specific to Windows platform, submit a ticket. You can also send a private message to the admin of this project (see below).

[Submitting bug reports]


  • Wiki contents is covered by GNU Free Documentation License.
  • Main project, Emacspeak, uses GNU GPL 3.
  • For licenses of other included libraries consult their source files.
  • Files and scripts used to create emacspeakwin release are licensed with MIT. This is more permissive than GNU GPL, practically allows any use.
  • In doubt details should be read from the top of a given source file.
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