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Commit [c335fc] Maximize Restore History to read version number from jabber-ourversion.el

...instead of the other way around. This should make it possible to
build an ELPA-style package straight out of Git without running
autoconf, while we'd still be able to build tarballs through automake.

Magnus Henoch Magnus Henoch 2013-07-27

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--- a/
+++ b/jabber-ourversion.el
@@ -1,7 +1,8 @@
-;; @configure_input@
+;; jabber-ourversion.el.  Holds the version number in a format that
+;; can read.
-;; This value gets updated automatically when is changed.
-(defconst jabber-version "@PACKAGE_VERSION@"
+;; On the following line, only change the part between double quotes:
+(defconst jabber-version "0.8.92"
   "version returned to those who query us")
 (provide 'jabber-ourversion)