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Learn JBuilder - JBuilderCompanion

After much confusion and many long discussions, it appears that my new JBuilder book is beging sent off to the publisher and will soon be in the stores. The source code for the book is ready for download, please feel free to take a look and to email a not about any errors or problems you might encounter to java@elvenware.com.

Posted by Charlie Calvert 2002-09-25

JBuilder Companion

A preliminary alpha level code for my new book, JBuilder Companion, is now available from the CVS section of this site.

Posted by Charlie Calvert 2002-08-17

Updates to lunits

I've been making a number of updates to the CVS version of the LUnits directory recently. In particular, a set of preliminary DUnit tests for CodeBox are now in place.

Posted by Charlie Calvert 2002-08-13

Kylix Dev Guide: Added scripts for Chapter08 librarysimple

There were two scripts mentioned in the book which did not make it into the repository earlier. They are there now. Use BrowseCVS to find them.

Posted by Charlie Calvert 2001-12-22

C++ OpenGL Code Available

A preliminary copy of the C++Builder OpenGL code is available in the CVS tree.

Posted by Charlie Calvert 2001-07-19

Delphi OpenGL Source

Delphi OpenGL Source files are available in the srcpasOpenGL CVS tree

Posted by Charlie Calvert 2001-07-15