changing the default ip address+elphel 353

  • hi!
    somebody can tell me how can I change the default ip ( to my own ip in the 353 elphel model???

    is something like ecit /etc/network/interfaces in linux!!!



    • Esteban, you may edit the IP address opening the following page in the browser:

      Just be careful and double-check the data.
      Alternatively you can edit that file from telnet session or from the serial console (if you have 10369 extension board in your camera) with the command
      vi /etc/conf.d/net.eth0

      I would also recommend to sync flash file system (JFFS2) after you made any changes - open this page in the browser:
      or issue "sync" command from the command line

      In the current firmware there is a nice user interface to edit such parameters - just open the camera default page.