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ELmythOS / Blog: Recent posts

Status 2/21/2014 0.25.4 /etc/sysconfig/mythbackend --nodblog

I've delayed the 25.4 release until I test some more. I just disabled the database logging via /etc/sysconfig/mythbackend:--nodblog
This is the default with future releases(0.27+) anyway.

If your mythserver 25 runs good at first ...........until the db starts populating and filling up the tables, check to make sure you have db logging via database disabled.

Posted by Kelsie Flynn 2014-03-21

Update 2/4/2014

It's been a while since I posted so I'll add what I've been doing.

*Creating rpms that are compatible with ATRPMS/RPMfusion

I started out intending on 3 versions but that's too much work.

So I've started the "OUT OF TREE" EL6 build for mythtv.

I have a working QT48/Webkit/Phonon* and mythtv-0.25.3 relocated to
/opt/elmythos right now and I'm testing it.

I'm going to continue working on this isolated buildtree. ... read more

Posted by Kelsie Flynn 2014-02-04 Labels: mythconverg db rename elmythos QT String dbName mythconverg25

elmythos mythtv repos available-REMOVED

Posted by Kelsie Flynn 2014-01-21 Labels: mythtv qt repo rpm mythtv-0.27.0 mythtv-0.25.3


My PowerPC died so as a result I have no PPC Dev box. I'm abandoning the PPC project and focusing on x86_64/x86 and ARM.


Posted by Kelsie Flynn 2013-10-05

QtWebKit 2.2

After rebuilding with QT4.8.4 WebKit, Mythbrowser got bumped up to Webkit 534.34

Here's the browser agent info after the update to QT4.8.4:

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/534.34 (KHTML, like Gecko) mythfrontend MythBrowser/534.34

Comparing to official to Apple/WebKit/Safari releases puts us @ >5.06 and <5.1
5.0.6 533.22.3

5.1 534.48.3

* read more

Posted by Kelsie Flynn 2013-09-14

Status 9.14

Updating QT from 4.6.2 to version 4.8 for release.

Updating Mythtv from 0.25.3 to 0.26.X

Recompiling Mythtv for QT4.8.

Posted by Kelsie Flynn 2013-09-14

Status 8.4.13

I've updated the gpg key to 4096 bits.

To verify an rpm binary was built by me you can use:

#rpm -K "rpmname.rpm"

To install my key if your using my packages:

#rpm --import

To view verify the key is installed:

#rpm -qi gpg-pubkey-eef669e6-5227ac6e

You should get back:

Name : gpg-pubkey Relocations: (not relocatable)
Version : eef669e6 Vendor: (none)
Release : 5227ac6e Build Date: Wed 04 Sep 2013 03:15:44 PM PDT
Install Date: Wed 04 Sep 2013 03:15:44 PM PDT Build Host: localhost
Group : Public Keys Source RPM: (none)
Size : 0 License: pubkey
Signature : (none)
Summary : gpg(Kelsie Flynn
Description :
Version: rpm-4.8.0 (NSS-3)... read more

Posted by Kelsie Flynn 2013-09-04

Webkit 2.1.1 issues on myth 25.3 build. Next .

I recently forked a new mythtv 25.3 RPM spec. I'll upload that to "Files" soon.

I ran into an old 25.3 bug with WebKit 2.1.1, a downgrade to 2.0.X resolved the problem for now.

Next I'll continue customizing the upstream vendor RPMS with some artwork for ELmythOS.

Posted by Kelsie Flynn 2013-08-20

BUILD Status

I will try to keep posts here of my progress of where I'm at in the process here.

Posted by Kelsie Flynn 2013-08-08


I'm recompiling/customizing the Vendor released SRPMS for the base. I'll do the same with SRPMS for mythtv 25.3 next.

I'm doing all this manually at the cmd line for the learning experience. I may change over to using something like "Revisor" in the future.

I'd like to thank RedHat, Scientific Linux and Axel Thimm(ATRPMS) for making the SRPMS and the SPEC files available. Of course without all of the FSF products from the FSF...none of this would be here! Thanks Richard.... read more

Posted by Kelsie Flynn 2013-08-07