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ELKS / News: Recent posts

ELKS Revival: 0.1.3 Finally Released

After a very irritating hibernation, the ELKS project is roaming the forest of SourceForge yet again. The ELKS-0.1.3 release that was promised on the website is available now. Feel free to submit some bug reports and hammer away at the code, because ELKS is back and it's time to make it better than ever.

Posted by Jody Bruchon 2006-05-03

ELKS 0.1.1 released

Download the source tarball from the download page.

Posted by Harry Kalogirou 2002-08-10

The first BETA release of ELKS

Finally after a long time ELKS entered
the BETA phase of it's development cycle.
The ELKS version 0.1.0 is available for download
at the file download page.

Posted by Harry Kalogirou 2002-04-30

Major Updates

I have merged my working tree back into the main ELKS CVS. This completely replaces the waitqueue code with a much simpler V7 setup. It also adds the core code needed to support swapping. It isnt tested yet and there are strategy routines to write so we swap the right stuff. Also we have to address fragmentation/compaction.
System is 111644 B (55808 B code, 7980 B data and 47856 B bss)

Posted by Alan Cox 2001-06-17


Various people have asked about the status of ELKS. I think 'basically dead' is a good summary. To take ELKS further needs people willing to do a very small TCP/IP stack and to rewrite the block I/O layer (eg to use the one from OMU)

Posted by Alan Cox 2001-01-06