Elilo 3-16 Released 3/29/13


* Adds native x86x crossbuild functionality
build 32bit or 64bit versions from either environment via
make ARCH=ia32|x86_64 (the ARCH IS case sensitive).
make by itself will default to the native host arch.
* Add console reset call during initialization. thanks A. Steinmetz
* simplify output of no GOP warning text so it no longer looks like an error.
* MAJOR: Fixed Fault crash when EFI memory map changes from under elilo.
(from an outside interrupt in this case). When the EFI Memory map
changes after elilo has already built boot params to pass to the
kernel the EFI call to ExitBootSvcs just prior to boot will fail
because elilo has the old map key. This is valid EFI behavior, elilo
retries to pick up the new memory map and key but had already freed
the start params portion of boot params resulting in a NULL DEREF
crash reset once it hands the now bogus boot params to the kernel on
the 2nd successful call to exit efi and boot.
Thanks to Jerry Hoemann @ HP for reporting this bug.
* minor bugfix, fixed -m option broken. thanks Allan-lsk.


You will need the following toolchain to build elilo-3.14 from source
the elilo build environment is optimized for Debian and Debian based distros.
elilo-3.16 was built in the squeeze+(ubuntu 11.x) build environments except
for itanium which is unchanged to best support legacy enterprise configs.
Toolchain versions for this release were:
x86x(32 & 64bit versions)
* gnu-efi --> 3.0i-3
* gcc ------> 4:4.4.4-1ubuntu2
* binutils ->
* gnu-efi --> 3.0e-2
* gcc ------> 4.3.2-2
* binutils -> 2.18.1~cvs20080103-7

Posted by jfly 2013-03-29