Booting from EFI 1.44MB boot floppy image

  • mjq

    Hello everyone:

      I am working on booting PC by the floppy disk built from the BuildTip ia-32emb of Intel's Sample Implementation, and tried to load a Linux kernel image (version with elilo(version 3.4).
      My motherboard is Intel945Gnt, CPU is Intel P4 3.0G, Memery is 1G.
      After putting Linux setup CD(including Elilo)in the CD-ROM, I can load the initrd.img file and system could go on install, but the manchine will just hung when display :
      Kernel panic - not syacing:Fatal exception

      My questions are
      1.Whether the reason is elilo load the kernel to
        a wrong place?
      2.If not, then what should I do with this

      Thank you very much in advance!!!