elilo - VGA rom not found

yugu S
  • yugu S
    yugu S

    I could compile elilo sucessfully and tried to use it from an EFI shell. The EFI BIOS and the kernel I have are custom built.

    When I try "elilo.efi my-kernel.gz", I get the following error message. Any clue what could be going wrong -

    Setting always-power on behaviour via 82801GBM LPC:
    82801GBM LPC not found a: unable to set to always-power-on
    fileops.c(line 522): no devname schemes worked, using builtin

    forcing interactive mode due to config file error(s)
    Uncompressing Linux...done
    EFI legacy vga patch (c) 2006 James McKenzie
    EFI legacy vga patch (c) 2006 James McKenzie
    params at 0x02827010
    Searching for ROM in 0xFE9C6710-0x069C6710
    Failed to find ROM
    VGA rom not found
    Failed to find VGA ROM so can´t initialize it.
    sleeping for 30 seconds