In what situation the Elilo will hang?

  • xiongyi

    I have two native EFI BIOS systems, one with CSM(Compatibility Support
    Module) and another without it.  I run the elilo 3.6 version to boot
    EFI-aware Linux(kernel 2.6.10) in the two BIOS. The elilo can boot to
    EFI-aware Linux successfully in the EFI BIOS with CSM( I checked
    /var/log/dmesg file showing the boot information: there is no e820 for the
    memory description but the EFI version information, therefore EFI-aware

    But when I used elilo in the EFI BIOS without CSM, the elilo cannot boot
    EFI-aware Linux but hanged before Linux kernel was loaded.

    Setting elilo's option "verbose=5", the elilo gave back the following
    information before the system hanged:
    ELILO boot
    kernel is 'bzImage'
    argument are 'root=/dev/hda1' acpi=ht resume=/dev/hda1 splash=silent'
    kernel start: 0x100000 kernel_size:2097152
    Using bzImage_loader loader
    kernel loaded in [0x30000000100000-0x7A006200100000] entry=0x670061006D0049
    final cmdline(0): BOOT_IMAGE=atapi0:\.\bzImage root=/dev/hda1 acpi=ht
    resume=/dev/hda1 splash=silent
    uninstalled vfat on
    boot params @0x1F52B9581DB40010

    system.c(line 177):fill_boot_params()

    alloc.c(line 163): free Pool @0x16001D582010 size=2113226482532982646

    system.c(line 266): initrd->start_addr=0x0 initrd->pgcnt=0

    alloc.c(line 110): alloc: allocated 4096 bytes

    util.c(line 306):final get_memmap map_size=1314259996176

    //the system hanged here

    Besides, the elilo in the EFI BIOS without CSM showed a warning sentence
    sometimes(not always):
        fileops.c(line 520): No devname schemes worked, using builtin.

    And also, the system reset several times(just several times, not always)
    automatically when the elilo hanged.

    I am trying to trace the elilo debug information(-D flag) to find the
    solution, but it seems somewhat non-efficient.