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Elfisk / News: Recent posts

Pagesetter 6.2.0 Released

Pagesetter version 6.2 is now available for download at This version adds a few features and some bugfixes.

Highlights from the changelog:
-Added access control by topic, using a separate module "Topic Access" (also available from
- Added organization of publications in a folder structure, using a separate module "Folder" (also available from
- Added support for creation of two similar publication types for use with the Folder module: Generic file uploads and Image uploads.
- Now using a version of Xinha, that supports Firefox, instead of HTMLArea.

Posted by Jorn Wildt 2005-08-25

Pagesetter 5.0.0 Released

This new release adds, among other things, a flexible workflow system to the publication system.

Posted by Jorn Wildt 2004-09-13

Pagesetter 4.1.0 released

Posted by Jorn Wildt 2004-02-15

Pagesetter 2.0.0 Released


Posted by Jorn Wildt 2003-12-16

Photoshare 3.2.0 Released


Posted by Jorn Wildt 2003-12-16

Photoshare on Sourceforge

Photoshare has, as you can see from these pages, gone online on This move has been done to utilize SF's bug lists, feature request lists and their CVS.

Photoshare support, news, download and all other related stuff can still be found at - and continues to be handled there. Releases will albeit also be uploaded on Sourceforge so people discovering Photoshare in this place first time won't be too disappointed.... read more

Posted by Jorn Wildt 2003-10-13