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elevateIT 1.0 final

The new version 1.0 of elevateIT is now online. If you have questions concerning the product or anything else, you are welcome to contact us under the e-mail address: info@elevateit.org

Posted by Alexander Pilz 2005-05-19

elevateIT 1.0b1 released

After a heavy code rewrite we finished beta1. There is a feature freeze for the base product now and we concentrate on making some features like LDAP and Versioning more usable.

Anyway, there may come some more additional products in beta 2, but they won't interfere with the base.

Please be patient regarding the docs, there will be a major update next week at http://www.elevateit.org

Thanks for trying elevateIT!

Posted by Alexander Pilz 2004-05-27

Problems with the release alpha2

We are experiencing some installation problems with the alpha2 as well. But we got a lot of feedback about this - thank you! - and will use it for a new release in a few days. Please only download alpha2, if you are really needing some challenges...

Posted by Alexander Pilz 2004-04-27

alpha2 released

The first alpha of elevateIT was mainly CeBIT inspired and contained bugs that made installation impossible. This is fixed in alpha2. We are still doing a major code cleanup so please do not enter production information as there will be another alpha soon.

Thanks for trying elevateIT!

Posted by Alexander Pilz 2004-04-19