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Eledge Open Learning Management System / News: Recent posts

Architectural Rewrite

No, eledge and eledge development is not dead. =)
Currently underway is a rewrite of the underlying architecture, converting from the current "model-1" style architecture to a layered architecture. The new setup will use cayenne for object-relational mapping and model-management, making it much easier to use databases other than mysql. It will also make use of tapestry for the presentation layer.
The initial rewrite will still only support 1-course/code base, but it is expected that full support for multiple courses will be added shortly thereafter.

Posted by Robert D. Zeigler 2005-04-11

New Developer(Andrew Feren)

The Eledge team is pleased to welcome Andrew Feren as a new developer to the project. Andrew will be working on the upcoming architectural changes and the gradebook.

Posted by Robert D. Zeigler 2003-12-02

New Developer (Fred Weber)

The eledge team would like to welcome Fred Weber as the newest developer. Fred will be working primarily on the assessment portion of eledge.
Welcome aboard.

Posted by Robert D. Zeigler 2003-11-27

Upated eledge-3.1.0.zip file released

Thanks to Andrew Feren for pointing out a problem with the eledge-3.1.0.zip file. (Incorrect file format). An corrected version of the file has been uploaded to sourceforge as of today.

Posted by Robert D. Zeigler 2003-11-25

Eledge Open LMS 3.1.0 Released

Eledge Open Learning Management System has released version 3.1.0. Within this version, the i18n related code, released in version 3.0.0, has been optimized. Additionally, a new TA system has been added which allows customized permission sets to be applied to TA's, and also allows students and/or sections to be assigned to TA's, with the option of limiting actions such as grade viewing and assigning to only assigned students. Also released was an updated version of the language packs, as well as an updated eledge-utils package. (Note: if you have problems with the sourceforge mirrors, you can download the eledge files from http://scazdl.org/~robertz/eledge/\)

Posted by Robert D. Zeigler 2003-10-21

Wellcome Yara! Bemvinda Yara!

Would like to wellcome Yara to the project. She has kindly decide to collaborate with the portuguese translation of Eledge!.
Comprazemos en dar a Yara a Bemvinda. El tem sido muito amvel em ofrecer-se voluntaria para a traduao ao Portugues do Eledge.

Posted by Richard C. Hidalgo Lorite 2003-10-13

Eledge Open Learning Management System 3.0.0 released

Eledge Open Learning Manage System is a mysql-backed, servlet-based learning management system. Version 3.0.0 has i18n support (spanish language pack also available), many bug fixes, and a new "template" system of creating content pages, allowing instructors to minimize repetitive html coding.

Discussionboard functionality has been improved, and various bugs in the Discussionboard have been fixed. ... read more

Posted by Robert D. Zeigler 2003-07-22

Eledge Open CMS 2.0(Kestrel) Released

Eledge is an online course management system released under the GNU GPL. It is designed to support college-level and K-12 instruction through a browser interface.

Eledge is composed of 36 Java servlets backed by a MySQL database to provide student registration, authentication, content management, quizzes, exams, homework, email, threaded discussions, journals, peer review, file uploading, and a class calendar.... read more

Posted by Chuck Wight 2002-12-20

Eledge Open Learning Management System 1.8 released

Eledge is a Java servlet framework for creating and offering web-based courses in higher education and grades K-12. Used in combination with an underlying MySQL database, eledge is a fully open-source solution to the problem of overpriced commercial educational CMS software. Version 1.8 (stable) indroduces a unique feature: support for essay questions in class quizzes, homework, and exams.

Essay questions are graded by hand separately from other type of questions (multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, and numeric), which are scored automatically. Eledge offers slick new tools for assisting instructors in grading essays, and then automatically folds the essay scores into the overall scores for the assignment.... read more

Posted by Chuck Wight 2002-11-12

version 1.5 bug fixes

Version 1.5 of the Eledge Learning Management System is a collection of minor bug fixes, mostly to the ManageHomework, ManageQuiz and ManageExam servlets. No new functionality was added this time.

Posted by Chuck Wight 2002-07-29

Version 1.4 Released

A new student journal tool has been added, along with a servlet that allows instructors to read and review student journal entries and provide feedback.

Posted by Chuck Wight 2002-06-12