Mines of Elderlore 1.0 beta 1 released

Here is the first beta release of the final 1.0 version of Mines of Elderlore.

This version is released for feedback and debugging. Please read the 'readme.txt' file inside the folder of the game for more details about the game.

Playing from the source file:
Download this file: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/elderlore/moe_source.1.0b1.zip and extract it to a folder. Launch it with "python moe.py" (you need Python and the Numeric module to launch it).

Playing from the Windows binary:
Download this file: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/elderlore/moe_windows.1.0b1.zip and extract it to a folder. Launch it by double-clicking on "moe.exe".

The game:
You are a young hero and to prove your strength, you decide to clean the mines nearby your native village. Only armed with your training sword, you enter a maze of rooms and corridors.

This game is a roguelike. It is turn-based, and once your character dies there is no loading back. By moving in the four directions, you attack monsters, open doors, collect equipment or use stairs. Your goal is to survive long enough in the mines, progressing by killing monsters and descending as deep as you can.

Each weapon is different, and provide different gameplay. Be creative ! I hope you will enjoy this little game. And remember, if you search deep enough, you may find your true nemesis.

The screen:
The following symbols are displayed on the screen:

## : walls
.. : floor you can see
++ : a door; bump into it to open it
<< : descending stairs
>> : ascending stairs
M~ : monster sleeping; it will awake at your approach
Mn : monster level n
! : a health potion; (d)rink it to recover all your Health Points
* : a magic mushroom; when you (r)est, you can eat them to recover HP. Don't let monsters eat them !
/n : a sword of level n
Pn : an axe of level n
|n : a spear of level n
Tn : a warhammer of level n
&/ : you with your weapon ! (a sword)

The top of the screen displays some usefull information for the player :
Lvl 1 | HP 10/10 | XP 000 (030 for lvl 2) | !01 | *00 | 000 | M 00/40/120

- Lvl 1 : your current level
- HP 10/10 : your current Health Points amount and your max Health Points amount
- XP 000 (030 for lvl 2) : your experience points, and the number you need to reach next level (you start at level 1)
- !01 : the health potions you own (you start with one health potion)
- *00 : the mushrooms you own (you start with no mushroom)
- 000 : the rounds (each action equals one round)
- M 00/40/120 : your current mood state, followed by the frenzy threshold (40) and the berzerk threshold (120).

Keys :
Here are the keys you can use in the game:

- h, F2, F3, F4 : help in-game
- keyboard arrows : move and attack North, South, East and West
- space : wait for a round
- d : drink a health potion
- r : rest to recover HP by eating mushroom
- e : rest and eat one mushroom
- 1 : equip your best sword
- 2 : equip your best axe
- 3 : equip your best spear
- 4 : equip your best warhammer
- i : list your weapons and their quality.
- esc : save and close the game.

Posted by Altefcat 2008-02-26