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New release + alpha upgrade path

New release 1.1.7a and upgrade path (alpha) from 1.0Rc3 to 1.1.7a

Posted by naarani 2009-03-31

Debug session...

Sabato 14 per 3-4 ore nel pomeriggio saro' online su skype [naarani]

Carico ubunto 8.04 nuova da qualche parte, provo a fare il debug dei problemi per la versione in beta e pubblico una fix...

Posted by naarani 2009-02-11

moving back to CVS

too much problems to manage SVN into eclipse, moving back to CVS

Posted by naarani 2007-11-26

eLawOffice 1.0 Rc3 Available [ITALIAN LANG. ONLY]

We're near a Stable release of, hoping to update asap even eLawManager (the english/international release of ).

This release has many fixes about "abstract" problems [no security or critical bugs where found during rc1/ rc3]

Posted by naarani 2007-02-26

eLaw Rc2 - Mysql 5.x

Rc2 fixes allow mysql 5.x use.

Posted by naarani 2007-01-20

eLaw ML ITA Sistemisti e Sviluppatori

Aperta ml per sistemisti e sviluppatori italiani
(non era visibile causa errore nostro)

Posted by naarani 2006-10-27

eLawOffice ITA

Fornito di file .exe per avvio ed installazione nel package .zip, contiene la nuova piattaforma di plugin, aggiornamenti nel framework ed il reintegro di NAgenda in pubblicazione su sourceforge

Posted by naarani 2006-07-03

Java Conference - Milan June 27 -

June 27 - 5 pm : We're at Java Conference in Milan, inside the JOB - Java Open Business section, at 5 pm we've a parallel session to speak about eLawOffice [the italian release of the project, at beta3 status, near Rc1]

Posted by naarani 2006-06-13

eLawOffice ITA

Full skin selection, minor bug fix

Posted by naarani 2006-05-29

eLawOffice ITA

Nuovo L&F, skin diponibili dopo il test dell'L&F.
E' ora possibile modificare l'accesso ai dati da Codice Pratica a Nome Pratica.

Posted by naarani 2006-05-23


Italian release of the Law Firm management project, with better agenda management and html reports

Posted by naarani 2006-05-14

eLawOffice ITA

new Italian release, main feature is MXJ :
eLawOffice could install mysql embedded, for local or network use on linux, windows, mac, solaris, with Mysql connector/MXJ.

It was tested on Ubuntu, Windows Xp, Win2k, Suse and OpenSuse.

English release( eLawManager) available during this month.

Posted by naarani 2006-05-03 Italian release

new release, snapshot source files will be published asap, updated to this release ( theres is some bug on cvs sources, going to be fixed after snapshot release )

Posted by naarani 2006-03-30

upcoming release

updated cvs server, .jar version will be available asap

Posted by naarani 2006-03-03

New relase eLawTool4Lang-beta2

This relase correct any bug and add new possibility
for write the name of translator in the file .properties

Posted by francesco carotti 2005-12-16

release mysql 4.1 + linux/win32 ita

New agenda layout, and massive bugfixng on agenda. The new agenda will be asap added to eLawManager to publish an english release.

Posted by naarani 2005-12-14 bug on linux fixed

bug fixed on , full install available, upgrade still under tested

Posted by naarani 2005-12-06 bug on linux

bug on linux, fixing it today with

Posted by naarani 2005-12-05

new release ( english version)

Starting english version, Law Firm management application ( actual alpha version only stores case/matters data ), ASAP adding document creation, with opendocument format on OpenOffice

Posted by naarani 2005-12-04

new release (italian version)

Added new billing features
Added better template documents management

Posted by naarani 2005-12-03

founder joined opendocument fellowship

eLawOffice founder joined opendocument fellowship

as just published last week, we added opendocument support to eLawOffice, and we're starting eLawManager a FULL english US Law Firm application with full supporto to opendocument file format.

Posted by naarani 2005-12-01

FAQ su

Problemi di installazione, servono informazioni maggiori? : consultate le FAQ su , vengono aggiornate periodicamente.

Posted by naarani 2005-11-28

eLawOffice ITA

New release with full or upgrade install, Italian languages, mysql as db, openoffice as editor (or many else) OASIS OPENDOCUMENT support for templates and document creation.

Posted by naarani 2005-11-27

Opendocument support added

Support to opendocuemnt added (ref. to open document: )

The application available into the CVS server and the new release published this night, support opendocument templates to create opendocument documents with data merged from eLawOffice mysql datatbase.

Posted by naarani 2005-11-25

Al linuxday di Milano ci siamo anche noi :O)

Demo su linux al linux day di milano sabato 26 novembre (ricordo che' un gestionale gpl per studio legale x win32 e linux).
Info per la strada su

Al LinuxDay e' possibile installare linux, vedere vari applicativi su linux e partecipare all'install fest.
( nell'ambito dei demo c'e' eLawOffice, con una release adhoc )

Posted by naarani 2005-11-24